Where does your company face challenges?


Poor Communication

Unmotivated or Uninspired Teams

Toxic Culture

Low Employee Retention


Company in Transition

Building a New Team

Recent Merger or Acquisition

Need for Networking


Poor leadership

Lack of creativity


Low Confidence


An interactive keynote or workshop using various improv exercises can provide practical solutions that can be used in the workplace right away.



“Laugh Provoking.” “Engaging.” “Refreshing.”


Jon Colby has been empowering people with improv for over 20 years. From presenting to performing, his engaging and interactive approach has successfully helped audiences across the US to be better communicators, co-workers, teammates, salespeople, doctors, and even [insert your job title here].

Jon combines his master’s in education and his background in theatre to craft a meaningful and interactive experience where audiences have the opportunity to apply what they learn.

As a graduate from the world-famous Second City Conservatory comedy program and an educator with 15 years of classroom experience, he is able to keep an audience laughing while sharing practical knowledge that can be put to use right away.  He has motivated and entertained hundreds of clients, including some of the nation’s top companies and organizations.


Program Topics


Team Building

A positive, supportive team will be more successful.



Good communication affects efficiency, morale, and success.



Without strong leaders, all other business resources are wasted.



Creativity encourages big ideas which lead to big growth.


Being Happy

Happiness is proven to affect the bottom line. Happy employees succeed more.


Customized Content

Make your company’s challenges known and they will be addressed. Guaranteed.


Current & Past Clients


“He was able to captivate every single person to participate, and did so by creating a fun and collaborative environment. A truly first-rate experience.”
— Nick Bailey - President/CEO, Century 21


Jon’s engaging, laugh-provoking improv session loosened up a group of quiet, nervous college sophomores... they learned valuable communication skills and were motivated to keep striving.
— Brittany Dyer - Career Navigator, University of Indianapolis