Where can your company grow?


Team Building

Experts agree that building a strong team is important for the longevity and success of any company, but creating and maintaining that supportive culture can be challenging. Often companies try to create competition to do this which can be counterproductive. Instead of creating winners and losers, improv creates trust and understanding for everyone in a fun and safe environment.



Whether you are speaking with a co-worker or a client, communication can either cause frustration or make people feel valued. Employees often avoid communication for fear of confrontation. An improv presentation can include exercises that focus on listening, nonverbal communication, intentional language, and having difficult conversations.



A leader is not defined as a manager, director, or boss. A leader is simply someone who leads. Improv exercises serve to remind the team that leaders communicate clearly, celebrate achievements, and set goals with their team. If everyone in an organization is empowered to lead, the potential for that organization is unlimited.



Forbes states that decision making and problem solving are two of the most important skills for an employee to have. Employees often have creative ideas in these areas, but are afraid to share them because they don’t want to be wrong. Improv encourages risk-taking and celebrating those risks, which opens the door to a world of new ideas.


Being Happy

Harvard research says that people who are happy at work are more successful. Managers can improve customer satisfaction by 42%, sales can increase by up to 54%, and doctors are up to 19% more accurate when diagnosing illnesses when they are happy as opposed to negative, stressed, or even neutral. All improv training sessions are highly entertaining by celebrating choices and not taking oneself too seriously. They even offer tools to keep that positive attitude upon returning to day-to-day activities.


Customized Content

Every business is different. They all face challenges, but those challenges differ from company to company. Since your organization is unique, the presentation designed for it should be too. Every keynote and workshop delivered is customized with your input to address your organization’s specific needs.


Ways to Improv(e)

  • Build trust and support in teams

  • Foster better communication

  • Accelerate and improve individual and group decision making

  • Manage change more effectively

  • Overcome blocks to creativity and promote organizational innovation

  • Manage conflict expertly

  • Promote creative and adaptive problem solving

  • Communicate more effectively in crisis

  • Celebrate success and address failure with positivity




Regardless of the venue size, everyone will be actively engaged in the learning experience with practical takeaways.


A tailor-made, interactive workshop focusing on client needs will leave the participants energized with new skills to utilize immediately.


A half or full-day seminar includes multiple workshop topics as well as an opportunity to role play some specific work challenges.